Gym:30 Kids 
100 hours outside
 Fitness Camp
⭐️ Starts June 15th⭐️
Ages 7-11⭐️ Creedmoor,  NC
⭐️ Starts June 15th⭐️
Ages 7-11⭐️ Creedmoor,  NC
100 hours outside
🤸Fitness Based 🤸
Kids Empowerment Camps 
Full Day: 9:00AM-5:00PM
⭐️ Early Drop: 8AM-8:45AM
⭐️  Later Pickup: 5PM-6PM
Before & After Care Available  (added charges)
🤸🏽‍♀️ Play is the quintessential activity of children.
Play.   It is the serious work of childhood.  In play, children learn to experience the possibilities of life.
Although play may need some guidance and coach input, for most children play comes naturally and their swiftly growing bodies require it for healthy development.  

Through outdoor play, and empowerment workshops, campers create the world anew each day, and free themselves of academic stress, and pressure to perform.

GYM:30 Kids 
Sample Schedule
8:45am - 9:00amMeet & Greet
9:05am - 9:30am - Morning  Rally
9:35am - 10:00am  - Structured  Play
10:00am Snacks
10:15am - 11:45amWisdom Coaching / Sensory Labs
11:45am - 1:00pm -  LUNCH
1:00pm - 2:00pm - FREE PLAY
2:00pm - 3:00pm - Movement Solutions
3:00pm - 3:15pm - POPSICLE TIME
3:20pm - 4:35pm - Closing Huddle
4:45pm - 5:00pm - Dismissal
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A Typical Day At
Morning Camp Activities 

Campers are greeted by friendly coaches and led to our Kid's Lounge where they will be given a choice of mindfulness activities to complete while they wait for the start of camp.

The opportunity to build a sense of belonging and community starts early each day with a SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL  BLOCK

Our Meet & Greet & Morning Rally help "wake campers brains up" and ease into our first movement block of the day :

 Exercise disguised as PLAY / GAMES.  

After structured play , campers replenish  with our first snack of the day.
Movement can be cathartic experience. Allowing young campers to release pent up energy and emotions makes room for more new energy to flow.  Campers brains are now ready to absorb their Wisdom Coaching for Kids™ curriculum. 
WISDOM System for Coaching Kids™
uses the power of STORYTELLING to help kids build a GROWTH MINDSET.  

 Coaches combine Wisdom Coaching sessions with sensory learning activities that yield high engagement and participation.
Sensory Learning Labs tie into each Growth Mindset lesson.   Campers get to study the human brain, build a Grungies slime factory, explore aeronautics, build paper airplanes, craft mantra mirrors, and create Power Goggles!
Campers break for lunch after sensory learning.  Day campers are dismissed as we enter into AFTERNOON schedule
Afternoon Activities:

To do what is best for kids requires that youth training programs be specifically designed for children and teens and that youth coaches be specifically educated in child biopsychosocial development to generate optimal athletic outcomes. 

Prepare-Practice-Play™ is our method to building age appropriate movement programs.
Movement Goals : Proper motor development and ongoing success for the child
For this reason, we offer a variety of activities to keep our campers safe while engaged in physical activity. Safety and proper form is Paramount at Gym:30 Kids.

-Outdoor Play / Games
-Kids Yoga - Mindfulness
-Generation Pound - Cardio Drumming
-Brand X Method Youth Coaching
-Sensory Learning Labs
-Obstacle Course Games
-Gymnastics Ring work
-Arts & Crafts
-Nutrition Workshops
Step 1 :
Choose Your Camp 
⭐️ Week #1 ⭐️
July 8th - July 12th
" Soaring 
Self-Esteem" Camp 
Camp Focus :
Soaring Self-Esteem : How kids feel about themselves is one of the biggest influences on both their happiness and on what they create in their lives. 

Positive self-esteem isn’t something kids either have or don’t have - feeling good about themselves, even when things aren’t going their  way, is a skill that they can develop.    

Our 5 Day Kids Camp will show camper just how!
  •  Concept: Self-esteem is a choice
  •   Discovery: Uncover negative beliefs and then shift them to supportive beliefs
  •  Personal Power:  Positive Self-Talk
  •  Uniqueness: Understand dangers of comparison & honoring their uniqueness 
  •  Resilience:  Push forward when things don't go their way
 Week #2 💪
July 15th - July 19th
Camp Focus :
Developing resilience is one of the most important mindset skills for kids to learn  because their ability to pick themselves up again when things don’t go their way will directly shape who they become and what they create in their lives.

The good news is that resilience can be taught!

Campers learn specific skills for :
  •  Managing   Mistakes 
  •   Overcoming Fear  &  Handling Change
  •  Moving Past Failures
  •  Develop Supportive Belief Systems
  •  Learn how to POWER SHIFT emotions
🌈 Week #3 🌈
July 22nd - July 26th
 Dreams & Goals Setting Camp
 Hard Work  Beats Talent!
Camp Focus :
DreamPower  Making your dreams come true without the Fairy

Throughout history, humans have made the once “impossible”, possible – from electricity, to airplane flight, to cell phones, to open heart surgery – impossible dreams have become day-to-day conveniences of the modern world. 

And it is all the result of dreaming!

Someone thought of an idea, believed in that idea, and took action to make it happen. 

In this 5 Day camp,  Kids learn a THREE STEP PROCESS for creating a life of their dreams :
  • Create a clear VISION 
  •   Learn how to use GOAL SETTING to take ACTION on their vision
  •  Develop Affirmations & Gratitude Routines
  •  Program their Mind for Success
  •  Build a VISION BOARD for the LIFE they want!
Are you ready for a SUMMER filled with FUN, SELF-DISCOVERY, and ADVENTURE?
Daily Outdoor Games
Kids Yoga -Mindfulness
Certified Kids Yoga Instructors!
Pro Youth Coaching - Movement Exploration
Professional Youth Coaches - Certified
Wisdom Coaching - Growth Mindset
Licensed Wisdom Coaches
Cardio Drumming - Music & Movement
Generation Pound Pros
Sensory Learning - Wisdom Labs
Licensed Wisdom Coaches
Team Games - Social / Physical
Professional Youth Coaches - Certified
Step 2 :
Get to Know Your Camp
GYM:30 Kids Camp is a FITNESS based & self-discovery camp for children ages 5-13.   

Our campers develop super-hero like strength, experiment in hands-on sensory  labs ,  learn Science, and participate in a variety of camp activities that include traditional summer fun!

GYM:30 Kids Camp caters to Parents who look forward to their child being engaged in a healthy environment that is positive, energetic , and will promote positive growth

Through structured play, sensory learning, and mindset coaching, campers learn  skills and strategies they need to excel in school, boost self-confidence and increase their daily activity level.  
Qualified Camp Staff Matters!
We are Licensed & Certified Coaches
Mindset Coaching Powered By
WISDOM System for Coaching Kids™
We are licensed!  WISDOM System for Coaching Kids™ guides campers how  to use the power of their thoughts to create happiness, confidence and success in their lives.
Campers Learn How To :
Push Past Failure
Boost Self-Confidence
Stand Up to Peer Pressure
Cultivate Positive Self Talk 
Increase Self Esteem 
Mindfulness Coach - Sarah 
⭐️UNC Greensboro with a B/A in Psychology
⭐️Certified KIDS Yoga Instructor
 ⭐️Mental Health Associate
⭐️Counseling & Intervention Help
⭐️ Entrepreneur - Carolina Noir Photography
⭐️Mommy Extra-Ordinaire!
Movement Solutions Powered by
We are Certified Personal Trainers with a focus on Professional Youth Coaching certified through The Brand X Method™
Mindset & Movement Coach 
-Sue Pack
⭐️Professional Youth Coach -BRAND X
⭐️Licensed Wisdom Coach
 ⭐️Certified Personal Trainer
⭐️ Generation Pound Pro 
⭐️Owner, Founder GYM:30 LLC
Campers Increase Strength & Physical Fitness
⭐️Structured & Free Play
⭐️Field Games 
⭐️Daily Outdoor Activities
⭐️Kids Yoga
⭐️Cardio Drumming
⭐️Gross Motor Skills Development
⭐️Movement & Mindfulness
⭐️FUN, and lots of PLAY
July Camp Sessions:
⭐️ July 8th- July 12th 
"Bully Proof"
Soaring Self-Esteem Camp

⭐️ July 15th- July 19th 
"Champion Mindset"
Resilient & Confident Kids Boot Camp

⭐️ July 22nd - July 26th 
 "Hard Work Beats Talent"
Dreams & Goal Setting Camp
Full Day: 9:00AM-3:45PM
Half Day: 9:00AM-12:30PM
Step 3 :
From Right to Left : Kennedy, Sue Pack, Tanner, and Bradley
Hi there! I'm Sue Pack ❤️
I help foster a young love of movement, mindfulness, and self discovery to school aged children.
I'm  a licensed WISDOM Coach™ for Kids , a Certified Personal Trainer with a focus on Professional Youth Coaching through BRAND X.    I'm also owner and director of GYM:30 Kids!

Thank you for your interest in our GYM:30 Kids Growth Mindset & Fitness Camp!

GYM:30 KIDS CAMP is built on the quintessential activity for children -- PLAY.

Structured/ FREE play, empowerment workshops, and sensory learning labs allow campers to create the world anew each day, and free themselves of academic stress, and pressure to perform in competitive sports.

Parenting in the digital age is uncharted territory and can be a challenge.  

I also know that regardless of how much I love my children and time I spend with them I can't give them self-confidence, self-esteem, or success in life…but what I could do is teach them how to develop it in themselves.

That is how GYM:30 KIDS came to be. 

Our camps are built on the foundations of unconditional love, empowerment, and fostering a child's independence . We accomplish this using proven systems of movement, mindfulness, and mindset coaching.

 I am committed to continuing the growth of our Kid’s Camp program and giving your children a fun, meaningful, experience

 Our camps are ideal for parents who see the need for their children to have fun and expand their horizons in a safe, fun, and positive environment. 

 If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me 919-529-2489.

Sue Pack ♥
Owner, GYM:30 LLC
Generation Pound Pro
Certified Kids Yoga -KAY
If you are interested in signing your child(ren) up, please click the button above and fill out our application.

Contact Info:
Sue Packler ACSM-CPT., Owner GYM:30 KIDS
Phone: 919.529.2489
Our Location:
Fostering a Love of Fitness & Mindfulness for school aged children.
Lunch & Snack s
Hot Lunch may be purchased  locally (we will send you a list) or you may send your child with a sack lunch.  Although we provide one snack, we suggest packing at least 2 more snacks for your camper.​ 
What else to bring?
A water bottle for each day.  A change of clothes as a backup and a backpack is suggested. 
Please wear sneakers and comfortable clothing​ 

What's not allowed?
Phones are only allowed to be used  during emergencies to call mom/dad/guardian.  Otherwise, ipads/tablets/electronics are forbidden as they  mess with the flow of camp and often  hinder participation.

Need More Info ?
Call OR TEXT  919-529-2489 

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